• About us

Grządziel Investment Company, exclusively with Polish Capital was established in 2011.

At the end of 2011 we began construction of production hall and office building in Włocławek. In the middle of the 2012,  we started production of polyethylene foam and polyethylene liners in three diameters with various thickness and density. The production is carried on  the machines from the world’s leading manufacturers. In 2013 we expand our portfolio with Saranex liner. From one year to another we increase our offer with different diameters and new products ( EVOH, PE).

At Grządziel Investment Company has been developed and implemented  Food Safety Management System of our products in accordance with  ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 .

Our liners protect food products, alcohol drinks, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical products.



All the liners have Food Contact Approval Certificate issued by COBRO – Polish Packaging Research and Development Centre and INSTITUT NEHRING GmbH. Our liners  meet  EU requirements concerning food contact products as well as requirements of USA market – FDA. Tests of our liners confirm European Pharmacopoeia requirements and allow to use our products in pharmaceutical closures.

The positive results of the sensory analysis  was carried out by The Scotch Whisky Research Institute.

Diploma for Grządziel Investment Company  for participation in the preventive     programme „Work safety in small enterprises” warded by theNational Labour Inspectorate.

ISO 9001 and ISO 22000  certificates.



Our Company started cooperation with  Guala Closures Group DGS Poland –  world-class manufacturer  of closing glass bottles  for the food  industry and pharmaceutical industry.  Every year circle of our Customers around the world is growing.


NEW !!!

EVOH liner – excellent barrier properties against oxygen and water vapour. PVDC free. Barrier against MOSH/MOAH.

„Green” EPE – ecological friendly,  with properties the same as common EPE, made of 100 % renewable sources plant origin (LDPE made of sugarcane).