• We produce polyethylene liners
    for plastic and aluminum closures.

EPE Polyethylene Liners, Saranex Liners



  • EVOH liner – excellent barrier properties against oxygen and water vapour. PVDC free. Barrier against MOSH/MOAH.
  • „Green” EPE – ecological friendly,  with properties the same as common EPE, made of 100 % renewable sources plant origin (LDPE made of sugarcane).

Our products

EPE polyethylene liners

Polyethylene liners represent a highly practical and versatile solution utilized across various aspects of life. Crafted from polyethylene foam, these liners offer exceptional protection against challenging weather conditions, water exposure, and temperature fluctuations. Their user-friendly nature, facilitated by a self-adhesive surface, contributes to their widespread adoption in diverse industries.

Diverse EPE Liner Options

EPE polyethylene liners come in a range of thicknesses and densities, allowing customization to specific requirements. Thickness options span from 1.5 mm to 4.0 mm, while foam density varies from 250 kg/m3 to 500 kg/m3. This extensive range makes these liners a prevalent choice in numerous industrial sectors.

User-Friendly Features of Polyethylene Liners

The ease of use of polyethylene liners is attributed to their self-adhesive surface. Simple application to a variety of components ensures a reliable seal, safeguarding against moisture, air, and UV radiation. Their utility extends to both assembly and insulation, enhancing their practicality.

Safety and Quality Assurance of EPE Liners

Polyethylene, chosen for its insulating properties and weather resistance, underlines the safety and quality of EPE liners. These liners exhibit durability and resilience against damage, ensuring prolonged performance under diverse conditions.

Ordering and Additional Services

Grządziel Investment presents an extensive product range, encompassing self-adhesive liners, seals, micro-rubber, and foam variants. Customization options include cut-to-size services, allowing customers to tailor liners to their specific requirements.